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  • One shot with no second chance! Thanks Andy for the heads up that Elite 54825 YX67 URA the very first one to enter service on the 10 was leaving Elgin bound for Aberdeen. It's seen here with a very happy Andrew behind wheel passing Barmuckity layby this morning.

  • Stagecoach Bluebird (54833) YX67 URK Plaxton Elite showing off the New A96 City Connect 10 brand on public display in Elgin today.

  • Stagecoach Bluebird (54830) YX67 URG Maisondieu Rd after dropping of guests at Laichmoray Hotel this morning

  • Stagecoach Bluebird (19373) SV58 BMU Portgordon

  • Stagecoach Western (50309) SF13 FMO Inverness Bus Stn

  • Stagecoach Highlands (54822) YX67 UPK Inverness

  • Stagecoach Highlands (54824) YX67 UPM Strothers Lane Inverness

  • D & E Buses RX16 XHL Inverness Bus Stn


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